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Dedicated Hypno-Survivorship websites offer practitioners a turnkey marketing solution that can be implemented and running approximately two weeks after we have agreement. Hypno-Survivorship websites are fully responsive and consist of 11 pages, 5 public pages and 6 internal password protected pages. The public pages can be personalised to each practitioner’s individual requirements. The 6 internal pages are the container for the personalised Hypno-Survivorship therapy information that can be accessed by clients after their sessions and contain specific hypnosis audios, client paperwork and videos to accompany the work you did in session.

Why choose a dedicated Hypno-Survivorship website?

Dedicated Hypno-Survivorship websites are designed to be both search engine friendly and visually appealing to your target market, so Hypno-Survivorship websites are designed to fulfil two basic functions.

1) To have appealing content that converts interest into enquiries.

2) To be easily found by search engines and your target market on the internet. So let’s consider each point in detail.

1) Content that Converts

Your websites content, its images, the terminology, the spelling, the grammar has to be correct and appealing to your target market. In other words once a potential client has found your website and studied it, they then need to feel inspired or confident enough to either, pick up the phone, join a newsletter or send an email for more information. If that happens your website has fulfilled its function, which is to convert an onlooker into a business enquiry.

When you buy a Hypno-Survivorship website, you’ll receive detailed instructions on what information we need to build it. After all your website is your shop window! Having a professional, easy to understand website is of paramount importance if you wish to convert initial interest into enquiries.

2) Getting to the top of Google:

Your website has to be found on the internet by people looking for “Cancer Care” or “Hypno-Survivorship” and your location or whatever other search terms you feel are relevant to your marketing strategy. There is no point having an expertly written and professional looking website if your target market cannot find it.

Once again the benefit of buying a bespoke turnkey Hypno-Survivorship website as your main advertising platform is that it will be correctly optimised to your target market, so it’ll be climbing up those search engines before you’ve finished your training, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Another important, but often over looked use for your website is as a handy container for storing client treatment information more conveniently. The vast majority of the client treatment information can be held on and downloaded directly from the website in the form of pdf’s for hand outs, mp3’s for audio downloads and visual information in the form of YouTube video’s etc. This information is contained on the "internal page"s and each page will be password protected.

Another advantage of a dedicated Hypno-Survivorship website is that it shows your potential new clients, the doctors, hospitals and hospices you send your introductory letters to that Hypno-Survivorship isn’t just another tool in your therapist tool box, it’s something you specialise in!

When you buy the Full Practitioners Pack, there is no obligation to buy a dedicated website, but after doing your training and reading the marketing information you may decide you would like to purchase a website from us after all, in which case the price of the website is £649.95. Please be aware also that if you need a new general website for your practice, our websites can be adapted to your exact requirements.

If you’d like more information regarding purchasing a dedicated Hypno-Survivorship website, please contact us at: or call us on: 0787 575 3685