Become a Licensed Practitioner.

A tailor made treatment solution that includes everything you'll need to integrate this exciting program into your existing practice.

It's so easy to become a Hypno-Survivorship practitioner...

Becoming a Hypno-Survivorship practitioner is simple, but it does require you to meet a few simple criteria. Firstly, you have to be a practising hypnotherapist and to have been qualified by a recognised hypnotherapy training organisation for a minimum of two years and of course you also need to have public liability insurance. Proof will be required within twenty eight days of joining...

WHAT does the Hypno-Survivorship program have to offer?

So what does being a Hypno-Survivorship practitioner mean? Well as a practitioner, you will become part of an organisation, a training body that is at the forefront of using Hypnosis to help cancer sufferers. An organisation that is dynamic and open to evolution and development, but that also has a strict code of conduct. Hypno-Survivorship wants to gain credibility in the oncology world as a source of insight and help for every cancer sufferer, by doing this licensed Hypno-Survivorship practitioners could then become the first port of call in a newly diagnosed patients treatment. With the medical establishment actually referring sufferers to a Hypno-Survivorship practitioner to "offload their emotions and get their head straight" before they start on their medical treatment and then of course aiding that treatment as and when the sufferer requires it

WHAT'S in the Practitioners guide?

When you purchase the Hypno-Survivorship pack, you really are buying a complete "Treatment in a Box" with all the tools and training you'll need to allow you to help and assist any adult cancer sufferer or their loved ones whether they are freshly diagnosed, embarking on their first session of chemotherapy, in remission or terminal. Becoming a member of the Hypno-Survivorship Organisation means so much more that just receiving a basic practitioner guide and some quickly edited hypnosis scripts.

The Hypno-Survivorship Program is based on decades worth of real knowledge, real research and is backed up with video support via YouTube as part of the training, instantly giving you the practitioner, the confidence you need to get over the taboo nature of cancer and to start assisting cancer sufferers in an honest, open and compassionate way.

Membership to the Hypno-Survivorship organisation gives professional hypnotherapists a tailor made treatment solution that includes everything they'll need to easily integrate this exciting program into their existing practice. The One Hundred and fifty + page practitioners manual is laid out in an orderly, easy to understand, informative manner that starts by describing cancer and how modern medicine treats it, before we move on to looking at the psychological needs of the sufferer. This is then followed by the Modular Training Information, Program Paperwork and accompanying Hypnosis Scripts which also include information on making professional sounding hypnosis recordings, with information on microphones, where to find inexpensive royalty free music to use as backing tracks and of course which audio editing software to use. For a full list of what's contained in the practitioners pack click the image below...

MARKETING your Hypno-Survivorship practice.

An extremely important part of being a Hypno-Survivorship Practitioner is marketing your practice. As such included in the treatment pack are templates for an A4 POSTER, a TRI-FOLD BROCHURE and an A5 MAGAZINE ADVERTISING campaign. These can be customized to your specific needs. There's also a template INTRODUCTORY LETTER for you to edit and send to GP's, hospitals and hospices. The practitioners pack also contains your HYPNO-SURVIVORSHIP CERTIFICATE.

MEMBERSHIP and the Hypno-Survivorship brand.

When you become a Hypno-Survivorship practitioner, you also become part of the Hypno-Survivorship brand. This means you have the right to use the Hypno-Survivorship Logo on all your practice information and websites. All we ask is that the Hypno-Survivorship Logo is placed on the homepage of your website and that the logo image links back to:

Membership also allows access to the Practitioners Area of the website which holds eighteen training videos along with the link to the private Facebook Practitioners Group. The forum is for every practitioner and participation is encouraged. As such the forum is the place for discussion and sharing, for new ideas, arranging training sessions and of course to have some fun!

COST of Hypno-Survivorship Membership...

Your Hypno-Survivorship Practitioners guide and membership costs just £249.99. After your PayPal payment has been processed you will then be directed to a Thank You page with instructions on how to access your Practitioners Pack along with the relevant usernames and passwords for the Practitioners Area. We will require proof of your insurance and qualifications within twenty eight days of joining!

Licensing Terms and Conditions

DEDICATED Hypno-Survivorship websites.

How you promote Hypno-Survivorship is a completely personal choice. However, we would recommend having a dedicated Hypno-Survivorship website specific to this area of your practice, as well as adding a few new pages to your existing website. The reason is simple; a dedicated website shows your perspective clients, the doctors, hospitals and hospices you send your introductory letters to (template contained in the practitioners pack) that Hypno-Survivorship isn’t just another tool in your therapist tool box, but is something you specialise in.

Also, clients will feel far happier downloading the Hypno-Survivorship info from a dedicated Hypno-Survivorship website rather than your general one. From an SEO point of view a dedicated website will have a far greater impact on your search engine rankings, as opposed to just adding a new section to your existing site, but of course having both would give you the best of both worlds. As you then have a greater internet presence.

The benefit of a buying a bespoke turnkey Hypno-Survivorship website as your main advertising platform is that it can be built and working for you before you’ve finished your training, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Dedicated Hypno-Survivorship websites start at just £649.95. Please be aware we don't only build Hypno-Survivorship websites, we can build them for any area of your practice. To see more about our websites click the link below: