A bit about me:

My interest in the mind and body connection started as a little girl when my Dad suffered a nervous breakdown. I couldn’t understand what was wrong and how to make him better. My passion grew and I trained as a psychiatric nurse in 1981. Since then I have continued to learn and teach what I learn as an NLP Trainer, Coach and Hypnotherapist.

I have worked in clinics in Yorkshire, UK as well as the Sunshine Coast in QLD, Australia. where I live now. Although, these days most of my work is online via the Zoom platform.

Having experience of my own journey with Breast Cancer in 2012. This is an area I feel qualified and am passionate to help others. I made a decision shortly after diagnosis that it was an opportunity to walk my talk. I used all my mind trainer skills on myself, even completing a 10km running event with a personal best result half way through Radiation treatment.

We are all on a different journey but similar in that we live our life through our moment to moment thinking. I help my clients to connect to the deeper part of them, the one who existed before the story, before the cancer experience.

My intention is to support, and help reduce stressful thoughts, decrease pain, anxiety and fear. Resulting in a sense of peace, no matter how trying the circumstances are at times.

I offer a FREE Discovery online session which is an opportunity for me to support and serve you. With the intention of you experiencing some relief from the anxiety you may be experiencing, with no obligation to take up further sessions.

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