If you run a Training School and are looking for a new program to offer as additional CPD. Then Hypno-Survivorship can be easily adapted into a formal classroom training program. Training schools will have their own page on the HS website offering CPD and their training days will be advertised on the Hypno-Survivorship website and also on the Facebook group.

We are more than happy to assist training schools in developing their training days to give the maximum benefit to their delegates.


Firstly, potential HS trainers must prove they have the ability to train, by already offering hypnotherapy training already.

To obtain an annual Hypno-Survivorship training license costs £250 per year, this allows training schools to offer face to face training.

All training delegates must initially purchase the Hypno-Survivorship program at the full price of £250.

The trainer can then offer their training day fee on top i.e. if they charge £350 per delegate for their training day, the first £250 is for the training program.

However a commission from the purchase of the HS program will go to the trainer. So of the £250 purchase price the trainer will receive:

1-5 delegates a £50 commission per delegate

6-10 delegates a £75 commission per delegate

10+ delegates a £100 commission per delegate

Once a new delegate has purchased the HS program, if they then return for a further Hypno-Survivorship training day, there will be an additional fee of £50 per delegate.

We will issue each training delegate with the appropriate CPD certificate for any training they undertake.

So if you are happy with the basic information above and wish to offer the Hypno-Survivorship program in your training school then hit the PayPal button below and then together we can start structuring this exciting program into your training syllabus.

Training School License